Monday, 6 August 2012

Play Arts Kai Robot Ninja (Grey Fox)

Tis been a while since I posted any pictures/reviews. I've been moving house and getting many things sorted. I've not stopped collecting of course heh, I've just not had the time to take any pictures. I've got lots of new toys and I'll be doing some photoshoots soon. Anyway onward n upward. Heres some pictures of the wonderful play arts robot ninja.

Monday, 6 February 2012

In flames/Headplay Metal Boss photo review

"Metal Boss" or Snake from the Metal Gear Solid video game ha. This figure really rocks, even if it is unlicensed. I'm not a huge fan of the Metal Gear series but I think this figure is based on a character called "Naked Snake" Aka "Big Boss" from Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater which was set in the 60's. I bought the figure simply because I liked the fatigues and the overall look of the figure which is really nice.

The outfit is great and I'm really happy with it, the tailoring is spot on.

His pistol has a removable silencer and tactical light its not bad in terms of quality, the clips on both guns are removable too. Overall the weapons are fairly well done. I'd say the rifle is better than the pistol. He also comes with two combat knives. I especially like the black knife which slips into a scabbard that's taped to his shoulder.

The figure wears a fully body rubber dive suit under the green fatigues. He also comes shipped wearing additional rubber sleeve things covering his forearms, I really recommend removing these as I have done in the above pictures. They look nice but really restrict his articulation.

The bandanna has wire running through it allowing for it to be dynamically posed. A simple but effect addition. 

The eye patch was a total nightmare to fit haha. I was moments from superglueing it in place when I finally decided to just use a tiny bit of blue tac.

All the bags and pouches he comes with look great and appear to be really authentic. It wasn't so bad putting all his gear together, unlike some soldier story figures I've had. 

For those wondering, this figure is compatible with Hot Toys. In fact I swapped his body out for a True Type advanced and the feet, head and hands all fit with no problems.

He also ones with a second uniform but I really prefer the green outfit. He's wearing those arm covers I mentioned in the above and below picture, his arms barely moved with them on ha.

The head sculpt is nice and clean with a good paint job. I'll say one thing about Headplay - their paint apps are really good. I kinda wish they had gone with a more grizzled and aggressive look however, maybe a shaggier beard or something. Don't get me wrong I like the face n all but I think it could have been a tad better.

He comes with a huge crocodile helmet which is pretty funny (for those wondering, its meant for camouflage for lying in wait in shallow water) Oddly its made from solid resin and weighs a ton! The figure can barely stand with it on.

Of course it wouldn't be a Metal Gear Solid figure without a cardboard box. It's a genius accessory and I love that In Flames included it.

Thought I'd chuck in a random picture of him next to Mcfarlane toys 12 inch Master Chief, simply because he's also green and from a video game haha.

Overall this is a really awesome figure and (at the time of release) was a total steal in price terms. I highly recommend him for game enthusiasts and military nam era collectors. Inflames/Headplay are releasing a second Metal boss figure which has black body armour and looks more high tech, based on this figure I'm well tempted to get it. I had great fun posing him and taking pictures, hope you enjoyed the pics.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hot Toys Captain Jack Sparrow DX06

Why has the rum gone?!! It's everyones favourite pirate Jack Sparrow. Hot Toys 6th deluxe figure to date. As with all Deluxe (DX) figures he comes with an array of accessories and Hot Toys trademarked PERS (Parallel Eye Rolling System) Which allows you to pose his eyes.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hot Toys T800 Terminator 1

Finally buckled and bought Hot Toys T800 as seen in Terminator. Wow what a figure, I really love it!