Monday, 6 August 2012

Play Arts Kai Robot Ninja (Grey Fox)

Tis been a while since I posted any pictures/reviews. I've been moving house and getting many things sorted. I've not stopped collecting of course heh, I've just not had the time to take any pictures. I've got lots of new toys and I'll be doing some photoshoots soon. Anyway onward n upward. Heres some pictures of the wonderful play arts robot ninja.

I've had some Play Arts toys before in the past (final fantasy etc) however its been some time since I bought any, and boy they've made some progression in their figure builds! 
He feels hefty and well constructed. The sculpting and paint work is top notch too. For those wondering this is Grey Fox, an ex soldier robotically enhanced who appears in the game Metal Gear Solid, known through most of game simply as "Robot Ninja"

The range of articulation is really something, allowing for really deep poses. The legs are double ratcheted at the knee which means he can hold his poses great. Kinda wish they had put a split joint at the top of the leg/thigh but hey ho can't have it all.

The shoulders have a really cool feature that i've not seen before, the arms basically pop out at the shoulder and are on a hinge so thing swing outward. At first I thought it was weird, but it actually allows the figure to reach right across his own body. Something a lot of figures cannot do. It would be cool to see a 1/6 scale body with this feature!

In terms of accessories he's fairly light, I believe this is the case with most Play Arts figures.
He comes with one extra right hand (sword grip) plus his sword and then an interchangeable forearm which is a gun.

Again due to those pop out shoulders you can really get some great poses.

He's a bit smaller than the figures I'm used to dealing with i.e. 12/13 inch 1/6 scale figures, but he comes in at around 10 inches tall (give or take)  which obviously is still on the big side for most toy ranges. I love the build quality and really can recommend this figure to any Metal Gear Solid Fan.

I have to be honest I'm really impressed with this figure. I was never really bothered about some of the toys in Play Arts range but now I'm really tempted to pick a few more up, i.e. Halo n Batman Arkham Asylum/City. Plus they have a Mass Effect range coming too!